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We have an international service team with years of experience and high skill level. Every customer will receive a full service guarantee for pre-sale, sales and after sales services. This covers spare parts, training services and technical support for all of our scooters and engine products.

Spare parts service
1. Spare parts are 100% original and we ensure their quality.
2. A bar code system is used throughout the entire process to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of delivery.
3. 2% of spare parts are available for free.
4. The warranty is 1year or 6000km for all main moped and engine parts.

Technical service:
1. We provie a variety of support methods, including a maintenance manual, operating instructions and customer support personnel.
2. We invite technicians from all of our customers for training and we will also send our engineers to our customers for training.
3. Our engineers are professional with qualified experience and excellent communication abilities.

More service
In order to keep up with an increasing sales volume, we continue to grow our professional service system.


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Tel.: +86-576-84067911
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Mobile: +86-13586000355
Email: sales@wangyemotor.com
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