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150cc Scooter / Moped
    1. EIVISSA 150cc Scooter / Moped The EIVISSA 150cc is a motor scooter with the same aesthetic designed by the Europe Red Dot Rewards Company as the 50cc engine model.
    1. VETERANO 150cc Scooter / Moped The Veterano 150 features the same body design of the 125cc engine version with the smooth body lines, round headlights and taillights along with the classic armrests and white wall tires.
    1. PATTAYA 150cc Scooter / Moped The PATTAYA 150cc moped is a sports scooter that is extremely fun to ride. The double headlight design is perfect for safe night driving. The 150cc model makes the PATTAYA a thrill to ride nearly anywhere.
    1. ZYA1 150cc Scooter / Moped The ZYAI 150cc engine scooter is designed with a racing mask and 14" tire. The cross-over moped is a mashup of a cub and scooter that is extremely popular in North Africa.
    1. A9 150cc Scooter / Moped The A9 is a cross-over scooter that is somewhere between a racing motorcycle and a scooter. The 150cc engine is great for acceleration out on the road.
    1. F1 150cc Scooter / Moped The F1 150cc scooter is one of the most popular sport moped models in South America. The design element is based on the PALDADIN series.
    1. F1 NEW 150cc Scooter / Moped This model is one of the most popular models in South America, it is desinged in 2014, the deisign element is from the PALDADIN series, we sold these models to South America for a big quanyity.
    1. GUIANA 150cc Scooter / Moped The GUIANA 150cc engine scooter's main design element is its 14" tire. It is a cross-over model between a CUB and scooter. This particular model is popular in South-East Asia.
    1. MIAMI 150cc Scooter / Moped The MIAMI 150cc scooter is a cross-over model that features a design between a CUB and a scooter. The sport scooter looks great and is fun to ride.
    1. PALADIN Series 150cc Scooter / Moped The PALADIN series 150 cc scooter features a South Korean design that is extremely popular in Mexico and South America. The sport moped has sold around 200,000 units in that market and continues to do well.
    1. BWS Series 150cc Scooter / Moped The BWS series of 150cc scooter features sporty headlights and an open engine design to keep the motor cool during operation.
    1. PIZZA 150cc Scooter / Moped The main structure of the motorized scooter is based around the design of the PALADIN series with an added rear box for safely storing the food during transport.